The Mystical Journey from Delhi to Neem Karoli

The Mystical Journey from Delhi to Neem Karoli

A magical pilgrimage to the famous ashram of the fabled Neem Karoli Baba, the drive from Delhi to Neem Karoli is more than simply a routine vacation. This spiritual journey features picturesque roadways and a variety of famous dhabas that serve scrumptious cuisine. We take you on a mysterious 700-kilometer journey from Delhi to Neem Karoli in this blog, revealing the picturesque landscapes and must-visit dhabas that add flavour to your vacation experience.
Route of the Highway:
You'll follow National Highway 44 (NH 44) from Delhi to Neem Karoli in the state of Uttarakhand as you set out on this life-changing road trip. Before greeting you to the foothills of the magnificent Himalayas in Uttarakhand, the route traverses the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

The Breakfast Trail from Delhi to Murthal

The first destination on the voyage is Murthal, which is located around 60 kilometres outside of Delhi. Murthal is known for its mouthwatering highway dhabas that serve decadent parathas slathered in pure desi ghee. Popular dhabas like Amrik Sukhdev and Gulshan Dhaba are well known for their delectable mixed, aloo, and paneer parathas served with cool lassis. You're ready to resume your adventure after a filling breakfast and with a satisfied stomach.

The Midway Delight: Murthal to Karnal

On the roughly 75-kilometer drive from Murthal to Karnal, you will see vast mustard fields and tranquil rural settings. It is time for another lovely dhaba experience as you get closer to Karnal. The delicious kebabs and flavorful tandoori treats of Karnal are well-known. Visit the well-known Karnal Haveli for a mouthwatering Punjabi feast that includes tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and a number of vegetarian alternatives that will have you hankering for more.

From Karnal to Kurukshetra, Savoring North Indian Cuisine:

The distance on the highway from Karnal to Kurukshetra, the Mahabharata's hallowed region, is about 30 kilometers. Chole bhature, dal makhani, and kadhi chawal are just a few of the North Indian dishes that are available at local dhabas. This stop is educational because to the traditional delicacies and Kurukshetra's historic ambiance.

From Kurukshetra to Ambala: Tasting the Street Food

From Kurukshetra, the following stage of the journey, which is around 40 kilometers long, takes you to Ambala. Ambala is known for its mouthwatering chaats, golgappas, and pakoras, which are sold by vendors along the streets. Take a little stop and indulge in these delectable sweets while taking in the lively local culture.
Enchanting Highway Scapes: Ambala to Roorkee:

Around 85 kilometers from Ambala, the route gives picturesque views of far-off hills and beautiful green meadows. You may connect with nature and refresh your senses throughout the drive itself, which turns into a peaceful experience.

Spiritual Bliss from Roorkee to Haridwar:

The route from Roorkee to Haridwar, the entrance to spiritual joy, is about 35 kilometers long. Do not pass up the chance to sample some mouthwatering Rajma Chawal at the dhabas in Roorkee, which are renowned for their original taste and comforting spices, before you arrive in the holy city.

The Ganges Gourmet from Haridwar to Rishikesh:

You will reach Rishikesh, India's adventure hub, after traveling around 20 kilometers from Haridwar. You can pause at a number of dhabas along the holy Ganges for scrumptious Ganges-fresh fare and traditional Indian thalis.
Neem Karoli to Rishikesh: Seeking Spiritual Solace:
About 30 kilometers from Rishikesh, the last leg of your journey takes you to the serene ashram of Neem Karoli Baba. When you arrive to this holy location, the ethereal atmosphere and divine ambiance carry you away to a place of tranquility and reflection.


The trip from Delhi to Neem Karoli is more than just covering ground; it is a life-changing encounter that introduces you to the varied peoples, settings, and cuisines of India. Along with mouthwatering delights, the famous dhabas along the roadway offer a window into the country's illustrious culinary past. You bring with you not just treasured memories but also a deeper comprehension of the mysterious journey we call life when you arrive at Neem Karoli Baba's magnificent ashram.

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