BMW 3 Series On Rent

  • Make


  • Seats

    04 Seater

  • Driver Charges : 1000/-
Extra Things

Client Will Pay All Taxes, Tolls, State Taxes, Parking Charges and 250 Kms Minimum For Outstation Trip

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The BMW 3 Series has long been the choice of drivers who want an affordable luxury car with impeccable performance and excellent quality. If you’ve always wanted to drive one, but you don’t want the full-time responsibility of ownership, then now’s your chance to do it on rent in order to get the best of all worlds! A local car rental company, known for its high-quality cars on rent, has just added the 2013 BMW 3 Series to their fleet, and you can rent one for just 75 Per KM! Here are some more details about this amazing deal

How it works

Renting a car is not just about getting from point A to point B. It's also about enjoying the finer things in life like your favorite music, your favorite movies, and your favorite snacks while you're on the road. At Luxe, we want to make it easy and affordable to rent any car you might need when you're on the go.

What you get

Think about the last time you had to rent a car. The whole process was probably pretty painful, wasn't it? But not anymore! Now you can drive any of our cars from the comfort of your own home at a low, low price. All you need is to book online On Car Booking and we'll deliver the car right to your doorstep! Sound too good to be true? Think again. We're offering all our vehicles for just 75 Per KM.

Where you can rent

If you're in the market for a luxury car, but can't afford to buy one outright, then you may want to consider renting instead. This is an especially smart move if you're only going to be driving it on occasion and don't need something that has all the bells and whistles. Plus, with companies like Hertz Rental Car, they'll pick up your car from your home or office and drop it off when you're done.

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