The Best 5 Car Rental Agency for Your Delhi To Kedarnath Visit

 The Best 5 Car Rental Agency for Your Delhi To Kedarnath Visit
  • Rental Agency for Your Delhi To Kedarnath Visit

Are you also planning to visit Kedarnath this year? Kedarnath is located in Uttarakhand, and this time, the door is opening on 11 May 2024. Visiting Kedarnath is everyone’s dream but let’s plan how to visit there safely and comfortably. The distance between Delhi to Kedarnath is 452 km. Driving on a long trip doesn't make sense to make your trip comfortable. Visiting there is everyone’s dream, but travelling comfortably is also a concern. Hiring a rental car is a good decision; this blog will help you to find the best 5 car agency for your Delhi to Kedarnath trip

How to start the Kedarnath trip from Delhi?

Devotees believe that if you plan to travel to Kedarnath, start your trip from Haridwar. Carry your woollen clothes while travelling because Kedarnath is in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Bring your necessary documents like an Aadhar Card, a Voter ID card, a PAN card, a driver’s licence, or a passport. You can do prior booking of cottages, hotels or accommodations. Wear sports or comfortable shoes because you must track to reach your destination

How to hire a car for a Kedarnath trip?

Hiring a car will always be beneficial when travelling with the family or in the group. Below are some tips for hiring a car:

  1. Always hire a car according to passengers.
  2. Check the travel agencies or their itinerary to see if it matches your travel plans. 
  3. Before confirming, check the travel distance and fuel rate to help you set your budget.
  4. Always check the market prices to ensure you pay the right amount.
  5. While connecting with the travel agencies, check the prices offline or online platforms. 
  6. For rental cars, you can visit their travel agency or directly contact them by mail or phone. 

Why choose rental car agencies from Delhi?

Delhi is the centre of India, and from here, you can cover Kedarnath in less distance. Less distance can save your time and fuel costs. You can get the best agencies with high-branded cars at a lower price from here. Most travellers prefer hiring travel agencies or rental car agencies from Delhi because they believe they will get the best travel deal and can easily reach anywhere.

How can rental cars make your trip comfortable?

This could be a little uncomfortable or stressful for a person who will drive the whole way on the trip, but hiring a rental car can resolve your problem. 

Benefits of hiring rental cars

  1. You can get offers on occasion or at festivals.
  2. You can settle your payment after your trip ends.
  3. You can hire a rental car any time, and they provide services 24/7
  4. You can get the best experience on a pocket friendly budget.
  5. Agencies send their driver on your trip to make your trip comfortable. 
  6. You can keep your heavy luggage in the car and freely move anywhere. 
  7. Prior bookings can save your money.
  8. You can travel to Char Dham and many tourist sights during your trip.

What is the best car rental agency in Delhi?

Finding the best travel agency is important while planning a trip, especially when travelling too far. Below are the 5 best car agencies you can trust in Delhi. 

  1. Agrika Tour & Travel
  2. Jai Shree Ram Travels
  3. Car Booking
  4. RG Tour & Travels 
  5. Easy Trip

Above mentioned travel agencies can make your trip unforgettable and comfortable. You can get the best and in your budget deal in the market.
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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What things do you need to carry on the Kedarnath trip?

A1. Carry woollen clothes, waterproof gear, power banks, cash, first aid and ID proofs. Avoid overpacking because there is trekking.

Q2. What places can I cover on Kedarnath Way?

A2. There are so many tourist sights which you can explore during your Kedarnath trip like Gauri Khund, Rambara, Shri Bhairavnath Temple, Retas Kund Kedarnath and more.

Q3. What is the best time to travel to Kedarnath?

A3. May and June are the best time to travel to Kedarnath because of the pleasant weather.

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