Different Types of Car Rentals You Can Hire

Different Types of Car Rentals You Can Hire
  • Different Types Car Rental : What's the Differences?
  • Car rentals are available for a variety of purposes. You can find best car rentals

When it comes to renting vehicles, you may think you are limited to what you can use and how you can use it. However, there are actually several different kinds of car rentals that can help you save money and gain more access in certain situations. we will be going over 4 different types of car rentals that you might not know about before car booking

Why are car rentals beneficial?

Renting a car is probably the best way to travel. Moreover, there are numerous advantages of renting a car. Renting a car is always a good idea. By all means you can go according to your choice of car. 

You have the freedom to choose the model you like. Meanwhile, we are here to help you out. In understanding the car rental types. Besides, Classification between car companies will be required. Altogether, we are here to help you out with all details. 

Additionally, the features of the car you want should be clear. Since all the cars have different characteristics. As a matter of fact, getting fresh updates from the company is important. Especially when it comes to a particular car. Especially in the popular models.

Above all, lets get into some interesting facts. Undoubtedly, self driven cars make you more aware of the place. Comparatively, to the public mode of transportation. You don not have to rely on a certain time to travel. Eventually, you can travel at your own time. 

Furthermore, you save your money from the cloak room. Also, these days car rentals are providing sanitized vehicles. Particularly keeping your health in mind. Also, it provides door to door transportation service. 

  • Car rentals are advantageous. 
  • Research about car rentals. 
  • Saves time and money. 
  • Also, you move according to you. 

Why Is the Travel Trend Changing?

Now, the travel trend has changed. As a matter of fact, Indians have changed a lot. Especially, when it comes to modes of transportation. Firstly, they want diversification and easy options. Car rentals are finally in trend now. 

With time, the preference of people changed simultaneously. Travellers as well as tourists prioritize their own flexibility. Car rentals are the saviour. Particularly, if you have to explore really offbeat destinations. 

Above all, the car rental companies have car insurance. Just in case there is physical damage. It will all be covered. Along with it all the safety kit, emergency car kit and GPS tracker. Car rental companies have really evolved. 

Eventually renting a car is a more reliable mode of travel these days. Besides, if you need chauffeur services companies do provide that too. Certainly, with well groomed drivers. 

  • More diverse travel options. 
  • Explore offbeat places.
  • Car rentals ensure safety first.
  • Easy Access and well maintained. 

Get Your Freedom Back. 

Now, its your time to travel soon. Specifically, sight of hidden gems. Getting cars for rent solves half of the problem. Above all, it gives you freedom to explore. Moreover, you have the freedom to follow your own plan. You don’t have to stick to a certain itinerary. 

Obviously, you will experience different kinds of adventure. Also, you do get your own space, own time. To rethink and reflect on many things 

  • Self time matters. 
  • Freedom to be oneself.
  • Also, it's a great change. 
  • Plan your own things. 

4 Seater Car Rental

4 seater car rental are the best for 4 adults. All things considered, for a short trip it is perfect. There are some good options available in 4 seater cars. 
Such as, Tata indigo, Maruti swift Dzire, Honda Amaze. Along with 4 passenger seat there is one driver seat too. Generally, the cost starts from INR 10 / km per hour. 

According to your choices about car models. As well as driver needs prices might differ, Basically, taxes, parking and driver counts under extra charges. Furthermore, basic facilities are provided by car rentals. Such as, music system, charging ports, and AC. 

  • Best for 4 adults. 
  • Good option for short road trips. 
  • Also, open to choose a car model. 
  • Basic facilities provided. 

6 Seater Rental Cars

6 Seater car rental  are great options for families. Altogether, a family that travels together stays together. Basically, 6 seater cars are spacious enough. Also, it is suitable for long journeys as well. Some of the options are Ertiga, Toyota Innova. 

The seating capacity is for 6 passengers and drivers. Generally the cost starts from INR 17/ Km per hour. Besides, if there is a requirement of a driver then there are extra charges too. Furthermore, the transparency is well maintained. Especially, when it comes to price breakup. 

  • Good for family trips. 
  • Also, spacious enough. 
  • Extra charges for drivers. 
  • Transparent price breakup

7 Seater Car Rentals

India being so varied and land of diversity. Likewise, so are the people. Moreover, the choices of every individual matters to us. Road trips do make bond stronger. So does the right car for travelling. And so is, 7 seater car rental is equally important. Especially for long family trips. Moreover, we aim to give you real time experiences. 

Some of the best 7 seater car options are Toyota Innova, Toyota Innova Crysta, Mahindra Marazzo, Mahindra XUV, Mahindra Xylo. Especially, there are bigger trunk space. Also, 7 seater cars have powerful engines, fully maintained, sanitized too. 

  • Enhance your relations over road trip. 
  • Also, safety first. 
  • Great power on high terrain too. 
  • Lastly, fully sanitized.

9 Seater Rental Cars

Renting 9 seater cars is probably the best way to travel. Especially for comfort and space. It is a great option for long trips out of station. It is best for large group such as friends, work colleagues etc. Also, more leg space to stretch.

Also, there are many car brands which provide 9 seaters. Such as a 9 seater tempo traveller with pushback seats. Specifically, they also provide LCD screen video, music system, and AC too. 9 seater rentals are the most preferred for long trips. Especially with group of friends and office people. 

  • Prefect for outstation long trip. 
  • Extra Standard leg space. 
  • Pushback seats. 
  • Fully sanitized. 

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Q1. How do I need to rent a car?

A1. You can make a reservation through our car rental links.

Q2. How old do I need to be to rent a car?

A2. Above 18 years old with valid driving license.

Q3. Are car rentals available for self drive?

A3. Yes, we do have self drive options in car rentals.

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