4 Reasons Why the Suzuki Ertiga Is the Perfect Travel Car

4 Reasons Why the Suzuki Ertiga Is the Perfect Travel Car
  • It is spacious and easy to drive
  • This is a car that is perfect if you are looking to take a road trip.

The Suzuki Ertiga may not be the newest vehicle in its class, but it comes with an array of features that make it an excellent choice as an economic car. For example, if you look at the value of this vehicle, you’ll see that it’s an affordable model with plenty of power and fuel efficiency, and it has been designed to make use of every inch of space in the passenger compartment. Here are five reasons why the Suzuki Ertiga could be the perfect choice for your next car!

Here is a 04 Reason To Hire Ertiga Car

  • Fuel Efficiency

The  Toyota Yaris IA gets 28 miles per gallon on highways and 33 in city driving, which is less than half of what you can get out of the Ertiga! With an average fuel economy rating of 26.6, you’ll be saving money in both short-term and long-term. And with a range of 660 miles per tank, it’s hard to imagine ever running out!

  • Great Acceleration

The 125 cc engine has great acceleration so it can easily pass other cars on narrow highways. You won’t need to get out of your seat every time you see a vehicle in front of you. Plus, its excellent fuel efficiency means that you’ll spend less money on gas compared with similarly sized vehicles

  • Driver Safety

This car has been designed with your safety in mind. It’s features include an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), which improve your control over how you react to obstacles on the road, helping prevent accidents.

  • Seating Space

Are you travelling with a large group of people? If so, do you want to be confined in an area that’s too small for your group and will not leave much room to move around? With five or seven seats, you will have plenty of space and leg room. Both seating rows also recline, providing even more comfort while on long rides. This can be useful if you want to take a nap during your travels.

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