3 Most Reliable Car Rental Agency in Agra & Vrindavan

3 Most Reliable Car Rental Agency in Agra & Vrindavan
  • Rental Car Agency in Agra & Vrindavan

Agra is the city of love, where you can travel and explore many tourist sights. If you are planning to explore Agra and Vrindavan cities, where you choose to stay can greatly impact your experience. Both cities are rich in history, culture, and heritage, offering visitors a unique glimpse into India's past and religious traditions. Where Agra is known for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Taj Mahal, Vrindavan, on the other hand, is known for its association with the Hindu deity Krishna. 

You must be wondering how to explore the tourist sights in limited days. Book a rental car, and they will help you to explore all the places. But do you have the best tourist places and a reliable car rental agency to help you cover all the tourist sights? Here, you will find the 3 most reliable Car rental agencies in Agra & Vrindavan

What are the places to explore in Agra & Vrindavan?

Agra, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, has so many tourist sights that attract travellers to see the beauty of Agra & Vrindavan. 

  1. Dholpur: The best time to visit this place is from October to March. This place is 60 km away from Agra. You can spend your time at Machkund Temple, climb to the top of the Shergarh Fort, or go on a Safari in the Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary.
  2. Deeg: This place is famous for palaces, mansions, gardens and forts which listen to the bygone era. You can spend your time marvelling at the beautiful architecture of the Deeg Fort. This place is 94 km away from Agra, and the best time to visit this place is from the end of September to March. 
  3. National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary: If you are in Agra, this is a must-visit place. This place is 103 km away from Agra, and there you can book the boat, which will help you see the natural habitat of these animals and that of the Ganges river dolphin.
  4. Taj Mahal: The witness of love and charm, the Seven Wonders of the World. The entry fee to see this monument is Rs 50 per person. The entry timing is from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm and closes on Friday.
  5. Agra Fort: This is the mind-blowing place to visit in Agra. The entry fee to see this monument is Rs 40 per person. The entry timing is from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. The mighty structure displays elegant artistry of Hindu and Mughal styles, and visiting this fort.
  6. Prem Mandir: This temple was built in 2012 and the mandir holds several Idols of Sri Radha Krishna. There are no entry fees, and the best time to visit this temple is from October To April. This temple aarti timing is 5:30–6:30 am, 8:30 am–12 pm, 4:30–8 pm. 
  7. Banke Bihari Temple: This temple is built by the owner of Lord Krishna. Poojas, festivities and several spiritual events happen here in this temple. The aarti timings change according to the season; in Summer, the timings are 7:45 am. to 12:00 pm, 5:30 am, and 9:30 pm. In winter, it is 8:45 am to 1:00 pm. & 4:30 pm. to 8:30 am. 

What are the top Car rental agencies in Agra & Vrindavan?

Before knowing the best agency, let’s know the benefits of hiring a rental car

  1. You will get an experienced driver with you, who will help you to explore the city.
  2. If you travel far, you must carry luggage you can keep in your rental car.
  3. You do not need to buy tickets according to the place; just pay once for your rental car. 
  4. You do not need to worry whether you are travelling alone or with family; your comfort would be the agency's concern.  
  5. You can make an Itinerary according to your preferences; a driver or agency can also help you explore more. 

Top 3 Rental Car Agencies in Agra & Vrindavan

  1. Mathura Vrindavan Agra Tour Package: This car agency is the most reliable and affordable. This agency is located in Agra and can help you to explore the city. 
  2. Japji Travel: The most popular and trustworthy rental car agency. Customer reviews can help you to build trust among customers.
  3. RADHEY RADHEY tour & travels: You can easily find perfect taxis or cars. An agency's concern is car maintenance and offering you the best price in the market. 

Let’s plan together to explore Agra & Vrindavan and experience the heritage of the Taj Mahal. Contact the Car booking now and make your trip hassle-free. Your memorable experiences and enjoyable moments can live long with you. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How much is required to explore Agra & Vrindavan?

A1. Approximately, four days are enough to explore tourist sights in Agra & Vrindavan.

Q2. What is the famous cuisine of Agra?

A2. Mughlai cuisine is the trademark of Agra.

Q3. How can I get in touch with a Car agency?

A3. You can contact us by website, email, or call.

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